Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips/Observations for Italy

Since my last post was about Italy, I thought that I would post some observations about Italy. Black people aren't that big of a deal in Italy. I think Marie and I got so much attention because we obviously were guests and we were in a place that didn't have that many African immigrants. And, we were women. It's true. Italian men are notorious for their love of women and it's no joke to them. But, don't expect every Italian man to serenade you outside of your balcony or put their coat in a puddle. You WILL be disappointed. They are like any other group of men, some good and some bad. Use your intuition and good sense.

I don't know if it was a regional thing, but I could NOT find a good breakfast outside of my hotel. I love my breakfasts, especially my big obnoxious American breakfasts. Yeah, didn't happen there. I was grateful for a piece of toast and two soggy pieces of bacon. That was my only food issue though.

If you have any specific questions, comment, and I will try to answer them.


  1. Lucky Lady!

    I wish i was in your shoes!
    Italian men are gorgeous!

    Can you give me some suggestions on where to stay when traveling to Italy alone? I would like to go to Rome, and I hope to go sometime next year.


  2. Well, I didn't stay in Rome when I went to Italy, but a friend of mine stayed at the Baldassini B&B and she said she had a nice time there. I have also heard that the Martina house was lovely. But, unless you are going during peak times, I wouldn't suggest making long term plans in Rome. Book a place for a night and then see if you like it. Have fun!

  3. Yeah, after studying abroad in Italy for a semester, I learned VERY quickly that Italians don't do breakfast, lol:-) Also, I'm going to have to second you on the whole "black-ain't-a-big-deal" tip. There were always men who'd approach, b/c Italian men LIVE to flirt, but I couldn't take them seriously. They believe that American girls are super easy, and I just couldn't roll with that (even though a LOT of girls in my program did). It made me kind of sad, b/c I was looking forward to a bit of romance in Italia, lol, but I know myself...I don't do casual well, AT ALL:-/ Love the blog!

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Uche. You did a semester? I might have to hound you for an interview. Yeah, American girls do have to face that perception, but you have to stay strong.

  5. I'm open for an interview at anytime, just message me! My blog is kind of on a break...but I should be back soon:-)