Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Isle of Skye (or why I love Scotland)

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is one of my favorite places on earth. If I could, I would have a house on the island and live there six months a year. It's really the only place I've ever been to where I sat outside and looked at the landscape for hours. A boyfriend of mine, who was Scottish, first took me there to meet a part of his family. Even if you never date a Scotsman, try to meet a Scottish family. It will be an interesting experience.

We got to the isle late at night and his family was at a friend's house. We decided to go to sleep, in separate rooms mind you, and meet them in the morning. I was sleeping peacefully in my bed and was about to wake up when I heard footsteps in my room. My first thought was, "Great, my dad is going to be so happy that he was right about running all over the world." Carefully, I opened my eyes and I saw the most adorable little boy standing at the foot of my bed, smiling at me. He said, " Hi, I'm Jacob. My mom wanted you to wake up so she's banging pots in the kitchen, but I just decided to come in here and do it myself." The mouths of babes.

Carefully, we made our way down the narrow staircase and sure enough, my boyfriend's mother was in the kitchen banging a pot with nothing in it. Soon, she saw us and was startled, but she recovered quickly. "Good morning! I am Una, Andrew's mother." Except, it sounded like, "Gud mornin', I am Una." Una was, frankly, a lot prettier than I had imagined. What's your first thought when you think of a Scottish pig farmer? She was tall, but well built and had the most fantastic blue-green eyes. She introduced me to the rest of the family and, surprisingly, we all got along fantastically.

But, as it turns out, my boyfriend had the biggest surprise for me yet.

(Not meant to be a cliffhanger, but I really have to do some work. More to come.)