Monday, February 14, 2011

Kourt Brought Home Memories, Teaching Experience, and A Man

I recently interviewed Kourt, of, who told me about meeting her Middle Eastern husband in an Asian country and being abroad in a foreign land.

1) What part of the U.S. are you from and what is the "swirling" scene like there?

I'm from a small town in Middle Georgia, interracial couples are around but I've known a few people who's families would disown them if they dated someone from another race

2) Why did you choose to go abroad?

I choose to go abroad because I know there was always something different from what I grow up with, I wanted a different experience and I wanted a bit of adventure in my life

3) In terms of interracial dating, which country do you think is the friendliest towards it, and why?

Out of all the countries I've been to, I guess England was the friendliest (I could be wrong because I was only in London) but London is such a melting pot that it's normal to date and have friends from different walks of life

4) What have your general experiences with swirling abroad been like? Did anything surprise you?

What surprised me about "swirling abroad" is how in most countries it's not a big deal, where is in America people are up in arms over it...I'm not saying ever country is ok with it, because when I was in Korea it was considered wrong for a Korean to date someone who wasn't Korean

5) What are some particularly memorable experiences with swirling abroad that you have had?

My most memorable experience is meeting my husband, who is Iranian, because I was really surprised at his range of friends and how relaxed who was with me, even more he didn't ask crazy questions because of the difference in race and religion

6) If money was no object, where would you make your home in the world and why?

I'm partial to London and Paris, I guess just Europe in general...but this would be a hard one for me, if money was no object I'd live in different places around the world; the problem with traveling is that you sometimes only stay in a major city for a few days, so I would spend a few months in England, a few months in Peru, a few months in Turkey, etc.

7) How did you meet your husband? What made you fall in love with him and has being in a Black/Middle Eastern marriage changed your perception of your family, society, etc.?

Against everything I was taught in a southern baptist church I actually met my husband at a club in Korea. Which to say I think is normal given our ages. What made me fall for him is that he was just a direct as I was, we had a lot in common but we are very different...and I can't lie, I love to hear him speak Farsi. What has changed is that I've had to look at my own family differently it's amazing how people you've known you're whole life can question your judgment and essential try to make you choose between them and your significant other. Another thing it has changed is my own sense of individuality. Before I was married I was more than happy to go it alone, I preferred to travel alone. But know I'm happy (90% of the time) my husband is able to travel with me. I can't wait for our first trip outside of the US.


  1. I really enjoyed reading Kourt's story. What an interesting journey she is having!