Friday, April 22, 2011

Interview with the Infamous Marie

Some of my regular blog readers might recognize the name "Marie". She has been my partner in crime for a few of my trips abroad and is always a source of amusement and fun. I asked her if I could do an interview for this blog and, being the attention whore that she is, she quickly agreed.

1) What part of the U.S. are you from and what is the "swirling" scene like there?

I am from the deep South and I have seen a lot more interracial couples in the past five years than ever before. I think that taboo is really starting to lift and I couldn't be happier.

2) Why did you choose to go abroad?

Well, one of my first "real" jobs was for a travel agency, so traveling was inevitable really. But, I've always had a fascination with life on the other side of the pond. They just seem to live so differently from us and I couldn't wait to experience that firsthand.

3) In terms of interracial dating, which country do you think is the friendliest towards it, and why?

I would have to say England just because it's so widespread and few people seem to care, at least openly. You see mixed race children everywhere you look, so you know someone is swirling!

4) What have your experiences with swirling abroad been like? Did anything surprise you?

My experiences with swirling abroad have been great! When you're abroad, something great happens. You can enjoy your experiences for what they are, not for what you want them to be. My favorite trip so far was the one I took to England last year. I don't know what it was about me, maybe the fact that I had just broken up with a boyfriend but men were on me like gangbusters. I walked into my hotel and the handsome Englishman at the front desk looked at me and started stuttering. I thought he had a speech problem until I noticed his coworkers trying to suppress their laughter. His hands were shaking when he gave me my room key and I smiled knowingly as I switched my way to the elevator. That was a fun moment.

I also began a foolish and fantastic relationship with a bartender I met at a bar near the hotel. If you want to know about a city, befriend the bartenders. They know everything and then some. He took me to all of the lesser-known attractions of London. We even sneaked our way into a private party that turned into an orgy! Before your minds get carried away, we sneaked out really quickly. But not before we saw things that can never be unseen.

6) What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you abroad?

Well, that was actually with you Love. Love and I were on a train leaving Paris and had both fallen asleep, with her heavy head on my shoulder. I woke up first, and gently (note from Love- it was not gently!) tossed her head to the other side because I had to go the bathroom. When I was walking back to my seat, I noticed a well-dressed man kneeling in front of Love. At first I thought he was a train attendant telling her something, but then I noticed she was still asleep. He wasn't touching her, but he was staring at her with this crazy and psychotic look in his eyes. I still don't know what it was. He didn't look angry. He just looked focused. I started yelling at him to get away from Love and he slowly stood up, looked at me, and walked away. Like he wasn't in a rush at all. I told Love what happened and she started laughing like a deranged maniac, but I think that was just the sleep deprivation.

7) If money was no object, where would you make your home in the world and why?

Probably London, with Paris as a close second. London is a great place to be if only because you can get to everywhere in Europe from there. The culture, food, and atmosphere just can't be beat.


  1. Happy Easter.

    I enjoyed reading your blog today. You two are a regular Lucy and Ethel. I have dreamed about living abroad since I was in middle school. This is one dream that will come true.
    LOL...Note to self...No sleeping on trains. I agree swirling in the deep south/New Orleans is slowly changing for AA women, the bm already got the message. It is pasttime for more of us AA women to not only read the message, use it. Most of us will be happier, I promise.


  2. LOL, you switched your way to the elevator. I can imagine Maria "working it". It sounds as if you made the hotel clerk's evening.


  3. @Lois

    Thanks for the comments. I always think of us like Frankenstein and the monster. :)