Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seeing Angelo Again (or why it's good to have rich international friends)

Some of you might recognize the name "Angelo". If you don't, then you can read the blog post titled, "With Angelo" for more information about him. Basically, I met him when I went to Italy and we have kept in touch often since then. Apparently, everybody is catching the marriage bug because he sent me an e-mail a few months ago telling me that he was getting married in early May. He said he would love it if I could attend and I wouldn't have to worry about accommodation because he was renting a renovated villa for some of his family and friends to stay in. Please reread that sentence. A renovated Italian villa…to stay in…FREE! I was checking out flights before I even finished reading the whole e-mail.

Soon, I was on a flight headed straight to Italy. When I arrived, a friend of Angelo's kindly picked me up and took me straight to the villa. Ordinarily, I am not one for gaping at expensive homes, but my bottom jaw definitely got a workout when I saw this place. It was a huge luxurious villa on a sprawling estate in the Italian countryside. I had my own room and got to enjoy waking up to the sight of a beautiful garden and birds chirping softly without me wanting to kill them. The wedding was stunning and so was the bride. She was dressed in a slinky ivory dress that showed off her well-toned body and several male guests made no bones about checking out her butt as she walked past them. Ah, the Italians. As they exchanged vows, I felt a sudden rush of envy that surprised me, though it is easy to see why. She married a rich, generous, handsome, nice, and faithful man who will no doubt cherish her. She basically married the Lamborghini of men, while a lot of other women are just settling for a hoopty. I guess I was just reminiscing on what could have been and should have been with my ex-fiancee instead of living in the moment and realizing that I completely made the right decision, in breaking my engagement.

The high point was the reception. The liquor and conversation flowed freely and I had a fantastic time, although his uncle continually tried to grind on me on the dance floor. Luckily, I was tipsy and found it hilarious instead of realizing just how creepy it was the day after. His mother got up and made a speech that I couldn't understand at all, partly because it was in Italian and partly because she sobbed through most of it. I saw her dancing with Angelo most of the night, crying into his chest and gripping his shoulders tightly. Angelo and I danced a few songs together and I thanked him for inviting me and for being a wonderful friend to me. He told me that he was glad I came and that I could stay with him anytime, although the evil eye his wife was giving me said otherwise.

After my long weekend was over, I reluctantly packed my bags and headed back to reality.


  1. What a wonderful story about lovely people and a beautiful event! I wish I could have attended a wedding like that. If you meet another Angelo, marry him! And if you don't want to marry him, please send him my way!!


  2. But thanks for the marriage advice, lol.

  3. "A renovated Italian villa…to stay in…FREE! I was checking out flights before I even finished reading the whole e-mail".

    Hahaha. That's my favourite line and I would have done the same thing. I think every girl needs to stay in a villa at some point in her life. And girl, please don't feel bad and rush into anything. You're a beautiful woman with a good heart, and the world is literally open to you. Sending you lots of love.

  4. @Udara

    Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it and I am taking it slow and just enjoying myself. Definitely agree about the villa too, I got spoiled in 72 hours and they had to pry me out of there.

  5. This sounded wonderful! It sounded like something out of a film. I'm so glad you had such a good time! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Yes, it is very nice to have international friends like Angelo. And, how did you let him slip pass you? It sounds as if you were on your on personal, "Sex in the City" trip. OK, I am envious, a villa. You did get some phone numbers? We want pictures young lady.


  7. @Ann

    No, there was no slipping, regarding Angelo. At this time in my life I am enjoying being single and free. There's nothing wrong with wanting a husband and there is nothing wrong with not wanting one. And the only numbers I got was the number of my departure gate.

  8. Swirl Around the World, I just found your blog. On my, what a story! I was there with you breathing in the romance in the air and dancing with the guests. ahh!
    Things happen for a reason, maybe your Lamborghini was at the wedding. I dream of the day that I will go to Italy for the first time (maybe I'll fall in love - hopeful romantic).
    If Angelo has a brother, cousin or friend who you aren't interested in but is a Lamborghini, please point him my way..

  9. @Creative

    Thanks for the comments. Good luck in Italy (you will get there eventually!).

  10. *gasp* I am dying to go to Italy! My plan is to go next year! Can't wait to read more of your blog =)